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5 Best Virtual Reality Games to Play with VR Headsets

Virtual reality is a lot related to the video games for some good reasons, in an earlier time when VR was just imagination but now it has become reality, thanks for the technology that has changed the whole view of playing games in the unreal world.

Being a gamer feels even more adventurous when you think about the playing game in virtual reality, where you can cross the limits as you feel your presence is in the world of game and adventure.

Best VR headsets for virtual reality games

In the market, there are much virtual reality (VR) headsets available from the powerful and high end like HTC Vive and Oculus rift to the low-end mobile experiences VR headsets like Gear VR from Samsung.

After all this, the question arises here, which one is you should go for? There is so many different variations and models to support various VR apps and configuration. Some of them need a smartphone to plug in and play the virtual reality, on the other hand, some needs console or PC software to play the game.

Some of the best VR headsets are HTC vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and google daydream view to make you feel like a gamer and give you feel of being there in the game.

Getting a VR Headset to play games is not ENOUGH! You must have a good Graphic card too to support these high-end games which will make it more realistic. You can click to read more about some of the best graphics cards to buy to play these games.

Some of the 5 Best Virtual Reality Games to Play with VR Headsets

According to your need for the best virtual games, we have selected some of them and listed down here.

1. Minecraft VR:


This game comes for every platform whichever you can think of. It’s a search, creation and survival game where you are the first person. The game has various enrichment with 3d audio sound which gives you feel of being inside it. Minecraft VR also has a support of multiplayer to play and enjoy it with your friend.

2. Project Cars 2:

Project cars 2 gives you realistic feel of driving while it makes you feel seated in the driver’s seat which is another thing. The graphics for the game is awesome to experience. With VR headset you need to have a pedal gear and a wheel to play the game.

3. Robo Recall:

It is an action full shooting game made to use with the Oculus Touch VR controllers. In the time of robot rebellion you have kill all the enemy with varieties of weapon and powers. Secure the city by clearing the bots from the rooftops and buildings.

4. Superhot:

Runs on almost every platform, it’s a modern shooter game. The game is quite addictive with its feedback and gameplay.

5. The Climb:

It’s a full adventure and unreal world experience game where VR is used effectively. In the game your virtual hand controller makes you climb to the rocks inside the game. It has many maps to go on and find new adventure sites.


Finally, I would like to say if you are a real passion of gaming, then you should go for the best VR headset first to play the high-end games in your VR and feel even more realistic.

I hope you like the article and find it useful for your query.

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