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Relax and Enjoy: The Best Free Movie Apps You Can Watch From Your Smartphone

We are now facing a world problem that we are hoping to end very soon. People are currently restricted from going out of their houses, and that’s why they are bored and need to have something that will entertain them and kill time. Of course, if you love to watch movies, then you might want to have the most convenient way to watch it, and the answer is to download free movie apps. What you will need is a smartphone, internet connection, and the apps where you can watch it.

There are a lot of TV shows and movies that you can find from the internet, but some give fake, and spam ads, wrong links, and others provide a subscription that is not free. People should not be feeling stress in times like this, and that’s why they need to relax from their home. What they can do is just to sit back and enjoy watching their favorite shows while sipping their favorite juice or soda. So here is the list of the best free movie apps that you watch from your smartphone.

Cyberflix TV

Each year, there a lot of TV shows and movies released by the entertainment industry, and sometimes, people leak it on different websites you can find online. Because there are a lot of sites that annoy you with non-stop ads and don’t have the content you want to watch, CyberFlix TV is here to help you from those problems.

In 2018, they introduced this app and became quite popular with a lot of people. As time goes by, it gets more and more popular among worldwide users. The reason for it is that the app is entirely legal to make use of because they got the content form different servers. Its server doesn’t host any TV Shows and movie videos.


Who doesn’t enjoy free movies and TV? I bet no one. Crackle is totally free, and it’s a streaming utility that is owned by the company Sony Pictures Entertainment. Crackle offers features like TV shows, original programming, and TV that they update monthly. While the ads are present, no one would ever complain because it has $0 on its price tag. A lot of people are aware of free stuff, but Crackle can top that.

It has a significant content of movies that movie enthusiasts would love to watch. It also has a new feature added that is called “Always On,” it allows you to find shows even if you are currently viewing a show or a movie. The original name of this app is called “Grouper,” and it has been present since the early years of the 2000s. The app is then rebranded as Crackle after it was purchased in 2006 by Sony.


This app is a social, ad-supported, and premier video-viewing program that offers entertainment enthusiasts a vast library of on-demand free movies. SnagFilms features world-class tools for discovery that empower members to watch, recommend, and discover an extensive range of award-winning, professionally-produced video contents.

The user’s viewing experience when using SnagFilms is available anywhere and everywhere that includes affiliate sites that are over 110,000. SnagFilms’ leading sector for the users is on the set-top box, mobile devices, and home entertainment devices.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you have nothing to do at your home, don’t think of something terrible or energy-wasting activities, get your mobile phone, relax, and watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the apps that are on the list. Don’t settle for entertainment platforms that require payment when you can enjoy those for free.

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