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How to monetize your YouTube videos?

Creating Youtube videos can be one of the most exhausting tasks ever, but they are equally rewarding. After Google, Youtube is the next most popular search engine, where people do not just go to find videos but other general information too. Youtube has one of the best audiences out there who are eager to watch videos. All the rest depends on the brands, on how they want to utilize this opportunity for their business.

Videos can make all the difference to your marketing strategy. Now only do they reach out to the customers in a more effective manner but also drive them to take any action in favor of the brand. So, let’s say that you want to increase the sales of a particular product of your brand. All you need to do next is create a stunning video using a video editing software for youtube. And there you go!

But, apart from this engagement, increased sales, and more conversions, there are other ways that you can utilize videos to bring in money to your brand. Youtube offers multiple ways to monetize your videos, but don’t worry if you can’t figure out where to get started. Here is all that you need to know about monetizing Youtube videos.

Mention the Sponsorer and Sponsored Products

One of the best ways to monetize your Youtube ads is to create plugs and mentions in your Youtube videos. Just start creating them by video editing software for youtube, such as InVideo. For those who have no idea what a plug is, it is one of the most common types of sponsorship integration on YOutube. Plugs help you earn money by advertising a sponsorer’s products.

The information that you share in the video regarding the sponsor mostly depends on your sponsorship agreement. You might also choose to include additional details about the brand or its products or just share promotions. But don’t make it the focus of your video, since users are there for the valuable information you have to provide through the means of the video.

But, once you decide on plug inclusions in your video, the next thing is to understand how you can do it. Here are the top 5 ways you can include a plug in your video-

  • Haul Inclusions

Every now and then you find videos on Youtube where influencers or shoppers are back from their latest shopping trips or have ordered products online and are sharing it with their followers. This is known as haul inclusions and they are one of the most popular ways on including plugs or sponsored products in the video. As a host of the channel, you can showcase different products that you brought from a brand and include the sponsored product in your list. This not only helps the audience understand the experience that you’ve had with the products but also influences their purchase decision.

  • Routine Inclusions

Yet another way to include plug sponsorers in your video are routine inclusions. Routine inclusions help because the host of the channel adds that product in their daily lifestyle instead of showing it as an external or highlighted product. For example, you might have seen videos where hosts demonstrate their morning routine, saying that they cannot go without using a product X, and it is a part of their daily regime.

  • Product mentions in segments

Alternatively, if you do not want to showcase your sponsored products directly in your video, you can go onto mentioning them in different segments of your Youtube video such as pre-roll, mid-roll and end roll segments. These kinds of mentions of sponsored products are quite typical. Basically, the channel host covers a product or a service in different segments from the main video’s content. The place they choose to do defines the segment of the roll. If they’re doing it at the beginning of the video, its pre roll, in the middle it is mid roll and towards the end, it is end roll.

Integrate the Sponsor

Yet another creative way of monetizing your Youtube videos is to include the sponsor in your video. This is different from creating a plug since a plug only talks about the product in a brief time-bound span. On the other hand, integrating a sponsor would mean talking about their products more explicitly, such as in the form of product reviews and more. You can also produce a creative dedicated integration series, where the host of the echannel gives more power or control to the brand regarding the video creation process.

Make your online video successful by creating a compelling story to engage the audience and using video editing software for youtube.

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