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How to bypass mi account?

Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone maker company, has not only captured a big portion of the mobile market but also revolutionized the whole innovation technology used by the big smartphone companies. It’s not just true but is a fact that Xiaomi is an affordable phone brand.

Most of the users of Xiaomi come into the customers who have a limited budget to buy a phone for themselves. Xiaomi saw this market and well researched its potential. With the launch of every new smartphone in Redmi series, I have seen the revenue growth of the company.

But, today I am not here to discuss the revenue growth of the company, I am here to give you information and ways to bypass mi account. Before going further, let us understand why we need to bypass mi account?

Is it Okay to bypass Mi account?

When to buy a new Mi phone or factory reset the phone, the first thing you are asked is to either create a mi account (during switching On the phone for the first time) or login to the mi account (after factory reset). This is the place where you find that you have just one option left with you and i.e, to bypass mi account.

So, suppose you factory reset your phone due to certain reasons like phone getting slow or any other issue and now you are asked to enter the mi account user id and password which you don’t remember. Now you cannot even go to the home screen of the phone unless you get the password.

At this time bypassing mi account is the only way to login to your account.

So, according to me it is good to bypass the Mi account in this situation then just waiting for someone to do it.

Bypass using Mi Account Unlock Tool

However, there are many other tech genii who shows that they can unlock mi account using other methods, but using this tool method is genuine and good to go with. This is the told or you can say it a software whose only work is to help the people like you in unlocking the mi account or bypassing the account.

It also fixes the bugs and other errors and brings your phone at a good condition from inside. With this software, you can even deactivate the previous mi account, if you are facing any problem with it. Therefore, always stick to this tool when you need to bypass Mi account.

Download Mi Account Unlock Tool from here and boot your phone to recovery mode. This can be done easily by pressing volume up and Power button together for a few seconds.

The Unlock Tool gets downloaded into a zip file format, extract the file and search for the “.exe” file. Once you get this file, you have to run it as an administrator.

Now connect your phone which is already into recovery mode to the computer via a USB data cable. Now you will see your device in Mi unlock tool. However, it is better to go to mi tool and click on information to check whether the phone is actually connected to Mi unlock tool or not.

Sometimes it is possible that your phone will not get connected. In that case, try connected it again through the USB cable, if it doesn’t get connected then you must download Xiaomi USB drivers. You can find it easily on the internet.

Now you will see three option on the screen.


Bypass Mi account

Disable Mi account


Click on “Bypass Mi Account”. Your phone will reboot; it will take some time to take you to the Home screen. Just wait and Chill! You have successfully Bypassed your Mi Account.

Wrapping it Up

Doing mi account is very easy for a person who is a little bit techie. But most of the Mi users are not so techie and they never went through any software in life. However, they could be using laptops but I guarantee that laptop would never have been used for coding or any other software related projects.

Therefore, with the tutorial given above, you can bypass the mi account and unlock it very easily, even if you have never used any software in life. If you know how to work on a laptop, then you can easily do it at home with a working internet connection.

However, if you find it difficult and have no idea about all the technical stull then it is better for you to leave it. The best option for you is to visit the nearest Xiaomi service centre where a technical person can work on your phone and get it fixed for you within minutes.

Hope you would find this content useful. If you have any query regarding this, please feel free to comment below. I would try to reply all your queries ASAP.

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